Soul Searching…

I am a proponent of the New American Spirituality. The New American Spirituality is the result of the blending of various cultures and belief systems which mix and mingle in our little corner of the globe. Then we, as Americans, pick and choose that which fits us best.

This is a threat to organized religions. Most religions exist on the fear of damnation, if you don’t follow their mandates and precepts you will certainly receive the punishment of eternal hell. What organized religion REALLY requires to survive, is the financial contributions of their followers. With all this influence, there is not a single organized religion that has solved any global issue. In fact, MOST have made global plagues like war and famine worse. Can you imagine what would happen if all the followers of the various world religions stood up and said they would withdraw their support if their church leaders didn’t undertake a position of peace and spiritual honesty?

I have recently said that atheism suits my current state of mind better than any other option. However, I think I am becoming agnostic. Whatever I am, I feel like I am wasting my time by trying to define it. What is the purpose of a label, but to place someone in a little box? Labels exist less in a climate of inclusion and more in a climate of discrimination. Labels help others point and say, “you’re a ______”. I really don’t want to BE anything but me. A me full of joy, love and peace.

So, I will continue my personal “New American Spiritual Journey” with Kundalini yoga, Reiki and a  Zen Buddhist meditation practice. My purpose on this planet has less to do with being a nameless, faceless member of a flock and more of a life full of purpose and assistance to my fellow travelers on this Earthly journey. If you need a shoulder to lean on or an all natural homemade hair conditioner, a friend for yoga class and a cup of tea or some Reiki time, just let me know. At the end of my time here, what will matter most is that what I did was a benefit to those around me. Not how much money I tithed to an institution that is one of the wealthiest in the world. I’d rather serve at a soup kitchen.


copyright 2011 Michelle Cahill