Mike isn’t 18 anymore.

So, I went back to school. Not a community college but a four year university. I’m starting from scratch and I discovered that something that I was fearful of is going to be an actual issue. I wanted to share it with you and hopefully other returning-adult students that might be facing the same dilemma.

Starting over means being almost 31 years old in a class with students who are 18/19. Having an intellectual conversation with people of that age bracket when you’ve had twelve years of life (adult life) that they have yet to embark on is challenging. I don’t know how college professors do it, talking about politics and opinion and the realities of the world at a private school with kids that have been going to private school their whole lives.

Bills, rent, jobs, careers, choices, not having choices… I think about my life and what I’ve been through, and when the 18 year old kid sitting next to me tells me that I am wrong and tries to argue with me about the validity of his argument…

I know that I should be listening and respecting his thoughts, but I want to scream, “YOU HAVE NO IDEA”. How the hell do you have any idea what you’re talking about? I think it was because he was directing his criticism at me personally and not my ideology. Which displays his immaturity, so why am I still pissed?

It’s something that I have to deal with, it’s the reality of my situation… but, how am I supposed to do that?

Am I right to be bothered or am I simply being an agist?