Jane Fonda calls for more public attention to sexual violence during the Holocaust | The Times of Israel

I’m surprised that stories like sexual violence during the Holocaust surprise me. It  is strange to sit back and realize that, with the horrendous depravity of the Nazi regime, it never occurred to me that this was happening to women. Is it because I am so overwhelmed with what is happening now? Or that I want to believe that the cruelty stopped somewhere? That with everything that was happening to these innocent people couldn’t possibly be worse. It was. What a revelation.


Jane Fonda calls for more public attention to sexual violence during the Holocaust | The Times of Israel.


What’s important… and why I need your help

I try to not bully my readers with constant posts. Especially when the content that I generally post about is so heavy.

I wanted to share some simple Saturday morning thoughts with you, my lovely readers. I’m not going to have my editor clear this piece, so be prepared for errors and random unnecessary punctuation. I just feel like I want to really talk to you.

It’s Saturday morning and I am surrounded by purring cats. I want to go get a cup of coffee and do some research for a piece I am writing but I was up late last night reading, following links like it’s my job and getting sadder and sadder.

I’m reading about authors and commentators that feel it is appropriate to call the President a “retard” and then call people outraged by such behavior “retarded”.  http://politicker.com/2012/10/ann-coulter-calls-obama-the-retard/

I read about a young girl last night who was bullied into suicide. http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/15-year-old-throws-front-train-staten-island-article-1.1191808

A vice presidential candidate who refers to rape “as another method of conception”. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cat5SyMBSpk

Detroit has over 11,000 untested rape kits. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/soraya-chemaly/50-facts-rape_b_2019338.html?ncid=edlinkusaolp00000003

I don’t care about your political persuasion, and I don’t care who you feel is to blame. The problem is that these situations are becoming more common and it’s happening with greater frequency, we need to do something to change it. I’m so sad, it’s unbelievable. I volunteered for over 30 hours last week, that’s how important these things are to me. Are they important to you? Will you help me change the world? Because we need to, now more than ever.

I’m a hot mess…

So, my soon-to-be wife is the president of the Gay Straight Alliance at her college. She and her group are having a debate-like discussion meeting with the Catholics on Campus group (or whatever they’re called). The groups exchanged some media to review and stimulate discussion. My wife’s group sent the other a fantastic documentary called, Fish Out of Water. We were lucky enough to have been able to see it when it premiered at the Reeling Film Festival in Chicago. I highly recommend it.

You can purchase a copy of Fish Out of Water here:


The Catholics on Campus (or whatever they’re called) sent the GSA a radio show hosted by this ridiculous priest. It’s more like a sermon. I will admit I couldn’t listen to the whole thing. When he equated gay marriage with the legalization of rape or the legalization of pedophilia I had to stop. That was the most disgusting thing I have ever heard. I don’t think I need to delve into extraordinary explanations about why that argument is repulsive.

His arguments are all about shock value, (which he admits), saying he wants you to feel squeamish about his “graphic explanation” of the way two men make love. (Which really wasn’t all that graphic. It gets more graphic on The L Word.) It should gross you out and if it does (which it should), why are you defending it, he says.

He focuses solely on the sexual aspect of the relationship. He does not talk about the loving interaction of day to day life.  The gay and lesbian community don’t want to get married just to screw, buddy. It’s about making dinner together, watching a movie, going for a walk. Not worrying that your partner can’t take your child to the hospital because the second parent adoption hasn’t gone through yet. It’s about sitting by your partner in the hospital if they are unwell and being able to bury them in the manner in which you decided (together) you wanted. It’s about not having to pay huge amounts of inheritance tax on what has belonged to you for 50 years, just because some bureaucrat doesn’t acknowledge the love you carried for your partner for years.

Fr. Bigotry also claims that judges are “out-stepping” their authority by going against the will of the people to allow gay marriage. Like, when the will of the people said that inter-racial marriage was bad, right? What if the will of the people ruled that the bigotry of the Catholic Church was no longer allowed in their community? I’m sure there would be an explosion of injunctions and legal intervention and claims of discrimination on behalf of the church. Would this man of the cloth say that the church should abide by the will of the people? Doubt it.

I am keeping this short, my South-Side Irish is getting all bubbly under the surface, which makes my speech a hell of a lot more colorful and I don’t want to demean my argument by getting fresh. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. So, I included a link to the hogwash.

Have a listen for yourself.



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