A Blog for Ostara

Over the weekend we rescued a pair of baby bunnies. They had survived the destruction of their home by an _______ with some lighter fluid and a match. Instead of simply weeding an overgrown area of the yard like a normal person, he opted for the pubescent alternative.

For four days both bunnies thrived. Yes, I know that wild bunnies are highly sensitive and yes, I realize that Mama might come back. I do know however that the little babies were badly burnt and in need of some TLC. We didn’t want to bring the babies to a rehabilitation center as it had been mentioned that if the little ones were in bad shape they would be used to feed other animals. (I don’t know if this is true or not- I certainly didn’t want to find out.)

When we weren’t home, my wife’s uncle looked after the little ones. We kept them warm and fed and they started scampering all over. We made certain that we kept their environment as low stress as possible, knowing how fragile they are.

I was surprised when I got home last night and found the smaller of the two lying nearly lifeless in their little box. I lifted her up and held her in my hands trying to feel for any sign of life at all. As I tried frantically to come up with some reason she would have deteriorated so quickly, I was furiously pouring Reiki into her tiny, frail body. She took a couple shuddering breaths before becoming totally still. For the next couple of hours I was an emotional wreck. I had tried so hard to help this innocent creature. This wasn’t Darwinism or some “survival of the fittest” crap. Some human, another creature, stole not only her home but her chance at life because he was too lazy to pull a couple weeds.

You see we, as humans, need to realize that we DO NOT own this planet. Mother Earth was here for millennia before we existed and She’ll be here for millennia after we die. We borrow this planet for the 80+ years we get- if we’re lucky- She’s not ours to destroy. No invisible sky wizard gave us the right to rape, pillage and plunder this beautiful treasure.

Oh, and you know what… there isn’t anywhere else for us to go after we destroy our home.

It kind of makes me wish that aliens were real. Maybe they’d come here and knock some sense into the people that think they have some right to destroy what some of us are trying desperately to preserve.



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